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Highland Music Outreach Program

Our Highland Music Outreach Program affords qualified organizations in our local community the opportunity to experience live Highland bagpipe music and Scottish culture through Highland Dance. Our finest musicians and dancers perform at varied venues such as senior centers, schools and other institutions throughout our local area; bringing high quality performances and education free of charge to individuals and groups who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience live Highland bagpipe music or Highland Dancing.

We invite you to experience our Highland Music Outreach Program by allowing us to perform at your next school assembly, music/cultural event or organizational gathering. We feel music should be an important part of everyone’s life, even if the music is from such an odd-looking instrument! You will be amazed at the rich tones and the wide variety of tunes the bagpipes can produce. Coupling this unique instrument with our expertise is a delicious recipe, which is sure to fill anyone's musical appetite!

More information about us; Strathdon Caledonia Pipe Band, Inc. is a registered non-profit Highland Drumming and Great Highland Bagpipe educational organization located in Omaha, Nebraska. We offer lessons, free of charge, for learning both Highland Drumming and the Great Highland bagpipe. We are committed to nurturing the values of dedication, practice, teamwork, respect, responsibility, community service and tradition - always in a fun and encouraging atmosphere! We promote a lifelong engagement with Highland music through a comprehensive program of cultural activities, community performances, and educational opportunities.

For further information on our program or to schedule Strathdon Caledonia Pipe Band performance events, please send us email or call us directly at (402) 614-9458. Maintaining this service requires a level of support, which allows us to undertake all of these important projects while ensuring the program’s continued excellence from year to year. If you are interested in helping increase the success of our program, please contact us at (402) 614-9458.

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